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The Craft of Scientific Films

Lauren Murphy and Michael Alley

Make a movie. Tell your story. Share your science. 

This book, the first of its kind, helps scientists and engineers of all stages and disciplines share their work in a new way—with movies.


Today, much of scientific communication is embedded in papers and presentations, but these documents don't often extend outside of a specific academic field. By adding movies as a medium of communication, scientists and engineers can better communicate with their colleagues while also increasing their reach to students, professors, peers, potential collaborators, and the public. Scientific films help translate complex technical topics into more accessible and consumable messages.


By following Lauren's filmmaking formula—planning, shooting, and editing—readers will create their very own scientific films that look professional and feel polished. Using tools as simple as a phone, readers can develop short, personal stories with no cost or experience needed.

This book is a must read for any scientist or engineer interested in improving their communication skills.

Readers will evolve their creative thinking skills and use their movies to improve classroom presentations, network across student organizations, present at conferences, recruit students to their labs, secure grant money, and more. Adding a movie to your body of work can be the tool that sparks interest in audiences to learn more—driving traffic to your publications, research projects, and websites. This book will help you develop new skills to become a better communicator while spreading your ideas and research to new audiences. 

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