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Workshop Details

Learn how to share your research and ideas through a movie in the workshop that best fits your needs.  Whether you work with Lauren for two hours or over the course of several weeks, gain the confidence to create movies to engage your audience.

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Up To 60 Participants

3-Day Workshop

This workshop is for groups able to dedicate significant time over three days to leave with a final product. Participants learn through detailed instruction and hands on activities, as well as group work time. By putting the newly learned skills to the test immediately, participants are able to fully grasp the concepts of planning, shooting, and editing through to a final movie. By the end of this White Paper Video course, participants get to sit back and enjoy their hard work on the big screen.
  • Interactive presentation with breakout exercises
  • Dedicated group work time while Lauren provides assistance and answers questions 
  • Peer to peer review sessions
  • Group critique sessions with Lauren
  • Final screening of videos with awards and pizza party
3 Day Workshop

1-4 Hour Lesson

Unlimited participants

Don’t have time for the three day workshop? Be empowered to create your own videos by working with Lauren for a few hours. Fit within your schedule anywhere from a one hour overview to a four hour deep dive. This interactive session involves all of the same concepts taught through interactive presentation and group work. While you don’t leave with a final product, you leave with the confidence and knowledge to go create your own movies in this short lesson.
  • Interactive presentation with breakout exercises
  • Group discussion and idea development time
2 Hour workshop

Extended Lesson

Up To 60 Participants

Want to spend more time on the creation of your video? After a one to four hour workshop with Lauren, take your time over several weeks or months on the creation of your video. During the planning, shooting, and editing of your video, Lauren will be available via email or phone call for questions and assistance. Once drafts are complete, Lauren will return for follow up critique sessions with each group to help elevate the videos to the next level. The final product of this lesson is a finely polished and refined video.
  • Interactive presentation with breakout exercises
  • Extended group work time
  • Group critique sessions with Lauren
Extended Lesson

Create your own

Any number of Participants

Don't see a workshop that fits your needs? Reach out to Lauren to design your own custom workshop. Lauren has worked with universities and institutions to teach in various lengths of time spanning a single meeting to a months long relationship.
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