The workshop

White Paper Video is an interactive lesson designed to teach scientists and engineers the power of creating their own movies as a method of communication.

Advanced technical topics can often be hard to understand and difficult to communicate—videos help these ideas become more accessible and consumable. Engage your audience with your research and ideas through the development of a personal story. By following Lauren’s filmmaking formula – planning, shooting, and editing – workshop participants will create their very own movies that look both professional and polished by using tools as simple as their smartphone.

Lauren incorporates lessons from scientific presentation, traditional storytelling, and data visualization to create an interactive and dynamic class. Through group work, relevant examples, and discussion, participants will leave the course with an understanding of effective communication techniques, and the energy to apply those lessons long after the workshop is over.

An engineer by schooling and a cinematographer by trade, Lauren is uniquely qualified to break down the complexities of filmmaking for scientists and engineers. She understands the challenges many face in communicating highly technical information and will help this group bring their ideas to life.

Learn how to craft a story and connect to an audience.
Make your shots look more professional and engaging with simple tricks.
Bring your work together with titles, music, and effects to capture the audience's attention.

Workshop options vary from an interactive overview to an in depth lesson with movie making time and feedback.

Choose the lesson that fits your needs or work with Lauren to customize a workshop of your own. 


The outcome

During the three day workshop and extended lesson, you spend time applying the skills you learn and leave with your first finished movie. 

Past participants have produced movies in a variety of styles for a range of audiences—each movie a unique story.

LENS : University of Oslo Semi-Conductor Physics Group
Created during 3-Day Workshop
Communicating Scientific Research 2017
Penn State START Lab
Created after 3-Hour Lesson
Penn State University Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering Grad Students 2017
Who Are You?
Created during 3-Day Workshop
Engineering Ambassadors Conference 2016


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About Lauren

Filmmaker. Engineer. Communicator

Lauren is a professional in the film and television industry and a mechanical engineer through schooling—a unique combination that drives her passion for sharing amazing ideas through creative communication. 

While Lauren works as a freelance cinematographer and camera operator on TV, films, and commercials in New York City, she also travels the world helping engineers and scientists learn to communicate their ideas through the creation of their own videos. 

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Interested in an available workshop or want to customize a lesson of your own?


Reach out and let's make some movies.